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Case Results

United States v. PFC Carl Stovall

Article 118, Murder

The surge in 2007 allowed PFC Stovall—a paranoid schizophrenic—to enter active duty. If it was not for the lowered admissions standards during this period, he never would have made it onto active duty. Despite mental health professionals advising the command not to deploy PFC Stovall, the command deployed him to Iraq. The unit abandoned PFC Stovall in theater, leaving him unsupervised for three days as he rode a bus around a joint operating base. Under active delusions, PFC Stovall killed a local national because he believed the local national was implanting an IED. After a six-day trial, PFC Stovall was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Result: The Army transferred PFC Stovall to a mental health hospital where he was eventually released. The Army medically separated PFC Stovall and he is eligible for full VA Benefits. More information

United States v. SPC E.

Article 120, Aggravated Sexual Contact with a Child under the age of 12

The client confessed to a sexual assault of a child after Army CID (Criminal Investigative Division) submitted him to a coercive, biased interrogation.

Result: Client acquitted and returned to duty.

United States v. SSG G.

Article 120, Abusive Sexual Contact with a Child

The client partially confessed to sexually assaulting two children. At trial the Defense shifted the focus to the inept Army CID (Criminal Investigative Division) investigation and interrogation as well as the victims’ motive to fabricate.

Result: Client acquitted and will eventually retire.

United States v. SFC R.M.

Article 120, Abusive Sexual Contact with a Child

After almost twenty years of honorable service, SFC R.M. was prosecuted for the alleged sexual assault of his estranged daughter.

Result: Client acquitted, allowed to continue his military career, and will eventually retire.

United States v. SSG R.

Article 80, Forcible Sodomy; Article 93, Maltreatment; Article 120, Wrongful Sexual Contact

An inappropriate subordinate turned vengeful when SSG R. corrected her behavior. Cross-examination and testimony from other Soldiers exposed her fabrication.

Result: Client acquitted.

United States v. SFC B.C.

Article 92, Dereliction of Duty; Article 107, False Official Statement; Article 134, Impeding an Investigation

An overzealous command prosecuted SFC B.C. for not controlling the driver of a vehicle in a vehicular manslaughter case. SFC B.C. was asleep in the back seat. The driver was a fellow SFC. Two Captains were also passengers in the car. The command gave the officers General Officer Article 15s and took the enlisted to summary courts-martial. SFC B.C turned down a Summary Court-Martial and fought back at a Special Court-Martial.

Result: Client acquitted and will eventually retire.

United States v. SPC C.C.

Article 128, Aggravated Assault; Article 80, Attempted Kidnapping

SPC C.C. pleaded guilty to numerous charges but maintained his innocence on kidnapping and aggravated assault charges of three alleged victims. The defense relentlessly cross-examined the “victims” to expose their unbelievable and racist story.

Result: SPC C.C. acquitted of all kidnapping and aggravated assault charges.

United States v. PV2 D.

Article 85, Desertion

PV2 D. went AWOL after being sexually harassed by her unit leadership. PV2 D. returned to civilian life and was a productive citizen as an office manager. Years later she was apprehended and unbelievably the command chose to take her to trial. The military judge sentenced her to 60 days hard-labor and reduction to E-1.

Result: The command accepted a post-trial chapter 10. PV2 D. did not perform hard labor.

United States v. SFC H.

Article 86, Absent Without Leave

SFC H. completed over 20 years of service and turned in his retirement paperwork. The paperwork was not processed correctly and the Army kept SFC H. on active duty. Suffering from PTSD, SFC H. did not report for duty once he learned of the mistake. He was absent for over a year.

Result: After pleading guilty to AWOL, the military judge did not impose a rank reduction or punitive discharge. SFC H. retired honorably as an E-7.

United States v. SPC B.

Article 112a, Possession with the Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance

SPC B. pleaded guilty to possession of spice. The Government tried to prove up a distribution charge given the large amount spice SPC B. purchased and possessed—1 kilogram. The military judge acquitted SPC B. of distribution and sentenced her to two months hard-labor, a $500 fine, and a bad-conduct discharge.

Result: The command accepted a post-trial chapter 10 request and SPC B. was discharged with an other than honorable discharge.