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We have the experience

We win. Our clients have been found not guilty of: Murder, Sex Assault, Drug Distribution, Maltreatment, Desertion, and AWOL.

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Your fight is our mission

We don’t just fight for you, we stand by you during every step of the process.

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Level the playing field

Use our 25 years of military experience to win your fight!

We are experienced military defense attorneys.

We don’t just fight for you, we stand by you during every step of the process. Everyone who serves deserves the level of commitment we show our clients. We will accomplish that by building a relationship of trust, honesty, and communication. We don’t just promise service, we deliver it. We give our clients our cell phone numbers because we serve you. Your family and loved ones are a part of your team, so we make it a priority to explain the complicated military process and will do whatever we can to help.

We listen

We listen to you because you bring valuable first-hand knowledge to your case. We don’t dictate, we work with you to form the best plan of attack and then we execute.

We focus on you

We are not worried about our next evaluation. We have chosen to focus on defending Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen no matter the allegation.

We know military justice

We handle all types of military justice actions from courts-martial to reprimand rebuttals and everything in between.

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Why hire us?

Our mission is to defend you against whatever claim the government has alleged. We know you need a higher level of experience and knowledge to fight for your career, liberty, and possibly even your life in a culture where your innocence is no longer presumed. Contact us to get our team started on your case. Your fight is our mission.

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